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Our Vision

At WaKEDrive our vision is simple, create the best possible watersport experience. If we can do that while helping out the environment, more power to it! Whether you own a boat and simply want a better boating experience, or you own a boat company and want to provide your customers with a better option, our solution can be adapted to any existing hull design.

Let us create the perfect solution for you!


Our Story

We started out as watersports enthusiasts. From skiing, to wakeboarding, to wake surfing, if it was on the water we were trying it. As Research and Development engineers we were perplexed at the inability of the boating industry to recognize the value of an electric drive train. Forget about the environmental impacts, that's merely a happy little side benefit.  Let's face it, when you have full torque from a standstill and the ability to control torque 400 times a second, getting up on the water is a completely different experience. Gone are the days of fighting against your driver to get on top of the water. New to watersports? You will be amazed at how easy it is with the perfect pull, every time. We love watersports, we want you to share in the passion! 

Our engineering team brings with it decades of experience in Aerospace. The team has hybridized power systems for a variety of applications, supported satellite design, and developed advanced missile controls theory. We bring that experience, and the lessons learned, to make your day on the water perfect. From the intuitive, touchscreen controls, to the automated acceleration technology, we make the driving experience as much fun as being behind the boat! Contact us and let us tell you more about this incredible technology.


Unmatched Engineering  Experience

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